General Training

General Group Training

Don’t workout alone!
With our small group training sessions you are able to get the individualized direction of a one-on-one session and still enjoy the energy and motivation of having friends working with you.
Small group training is the best of both worlds: the one-on-one attention of a trainer combined with the energetic atmosphere of a small group. Limited to 4-8 members, group training is a great way to stay focused and learn from the trainer, but still benefit from the energy and motivation of other members. Goals are shared, friendships are formed, and fitness is achieved. It's the perfect solution!
Schedule of General training :
    » Routine Generator.
    » Fitness Assessment(mobility, flexibility, weight, body fat, BMI).
    » Spotting right exercise & techniques.
    » Periodic Review and Change.
    » Objective Tracking.

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