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ClutchFit is not just a place to workout, it’s a community of like minded people coming together to inspire each other to get maximum results in a welcoming, stylish and supportive environment. From Intense Cardio, Strength Training, Group Activity and Core Workout to Peaceful Meditation and the Connection of Mind, body and Spirit. Elevate will help you reach your goals. Our success lies in Our Corporate Policy which clearly emphasizes that the same regimen (of weight training, cardio and nutrition) is followed uniformly in all our centers across the country.
Latest fitness equipment. 5,000 sq.ft. of gym workout space. A brand new gym. Dedicated personal training and CrossFit Studio. Internationally certified personal trainers. We are the champions of fitness.
We have no qualms in calling ourselves the best gym in Jaipur. Not only do you get assistance at every step and point, but you also get personalized and customized workout and dietary programs.
Our operating hours are:
Monday - Sunday : 24 x 7
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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